Top ‘Super Apps’ in Europe
Top ‘Super Apps’ in Europe

Top ‘Super Apps’ in Europe

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Apps have undeniably changed how we live our daily lives. From keeping in touch with our loved ones and meeting new people online to ordering food and making money transfers, we use mobile apps to do much more today than we could in the past decades.

It might surprise you to learn that the typical smartphone owner has about 50–80 apps loaded on their device. Yet they will only use up to 9 applications per day, or 30 applications per month. As of January 2023, popular applications on most mobile phones, aside from those that come factory-installed and video games, include but are not limited to:

Why do people keep so many apps on their phones and only use a few regularly? Well, it could be because of the availability of smartphones with more storage space, the need to have different apps for various purposes, the cheap cost of downloading an app from an online store, ignorance about "super apps," or probably the lack of better alternatives.

But what is a "super app"? Why is it called "super"? Are there examples of them in Europe and other parts of the world? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions and other related ones in this article.

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Ibrahim Busari
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