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AskWallet is an independent platform that helps anyone find better financial solutions. A reliable recommendation is one of the most important things in the modern world of finance that offers a wide range of products. It seems it should be incredibly easy to choose what is right for you. But in reality, finding the right financial solution becomes a real challenge. 

Hundreds of payment systems, non-bank e-wallets and other EMIs appear on the market every day. We keep up with the latest changes and make almost real-time updates about them to provide our community with the most realistic information possible. Giving a voice to everyone, we help people avoid problems that other users have faced.

Our mission

By collecting comments and evaluations from real people, we offer companies to get fair feedback and improve their services, gaining more and more loyal customers. 




Transparent. Honest. Free

Honesty has become the main idea of AskWallet. Behind that all that publicity, we also tried to find the best neobanks, payment systems and e-wallets for both personal and business purposes. Yes, we make money from advertising, too. But that will never affect our scores. They are based only on honest feedback from real users only. 

You may ask, how can we stay honest and still make money? It's simple. We sell advertising, too. You can see highlighted ads on our home page or in our recommended listings. In addition to this, we also make money from affiliate links to other sites. We get a small compensation for clicks, newsletter subscriptions, opening accounts or other targeted actions. All of this allows us to keep AskWallet up and remain independent from any influence. 

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We already realised a number of successful projects in cooperation with the leaders of the fintech industry. Feel free to join this list!