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The Capital One app allows users to manage their Capital One bank accounts, credit cards, rewards cards, transfer funds, make purchases and payments, keep an eye on the credit score- all from their smartphones anywhere and anytime. Additionally, users can deposit checks, activate debit/credit cards, and send money to family and friends.



  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto


Founded: 2017
Has mobile app: Yes
Has web version: Yes
Has apple pay: Yes
Has google pay: Yes
Languages: English
Reference number: 204440
Available in these countries: GBR, USA, CAN
Jurisdiction: USA
Licenses: API

Main info

Has insurance: Yes
Has trading: No
Has budget planner: No
Has bill split: No
Has iban: No
Has sepa: No
Has swift: No
Service fee:
Main service fee text: 0 EUR/month
Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Withdrawal fee: ATM card PS = n/a
P2P fee: 0%
Main currency: USD
Number of currencies: 1
Credit: 1) Credit Cards2) Auto Loans
Interest account:
Business account


Has virtual card Yes
Has card Yes
Has multicurrency card No
Personal credit and loans Credit cards Yes
Card provider VISA (Credit)
Mastercard (Credit)
Card limits

Business account

Business account has IBAN No
Business account has SEPA No
Business account has SWIFT No
Business account has business card Yes
Business p2p fee has conversion No
Business account deposit methods and fees has conversion No
Business account withdrawal methods and fees has conversion No


Has recurring payments Yes
Has cards acquiring payments Yes
Accepting crypto payments No

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CapitalOne overview

CapitalOne online banking app that enables users to manage all their accounts in one place.

5 min read 10.01.2021

CapitalOne online banking app that enables users to manage all their accounts in one place.

social-icon Dave Palmer

On the positive side, the customer service people respond quickly and are genuinely nice and helpful. On the negative side, the company itself has swiftly eroded my trust. I applied for help under CBILS. During the application process I checked three times with customer service because I was concerned that the application form seemed to be for a credit card. I was told it was fine, and that the code I had input would automatically send my application to the CBILS team. I was never asked about my business, the impact of Coronavirus, why I needed the facility, how much I needed, or anything else. Within hours, however, I had an email offering me a credit card. I then received several more over the following days. I rang customer service a couple of times. The first time I was told not to worry -- my CBILS application was still in progress but they'd sent me the credit card offer in the meantime so that I could take it up later if I was turned down for CBILS. The second time, I was told that I was 'probably' not eligible for CBILS (don't see why not) and that the credit card offer was 'probably' made instead. It all seems very fishy to me.

social-icon Rysardas Urbonas

Very good service easy to use the online plus thank you for your support over the last 3 months you have been a great support.

social-icon Mareks Vilcins
social-icon Ibrahim Moser

All thanks to Mr Troy Hermes I got my lost funds back That's all i need you to know Get yours too Reach out to Troy

social-icon Reza Trim

Exceptional service, easy to use, you can easily get through to the staff who are both helpful and knowledgable, the app and website are great and it’s accepted everywhere, what’s not to like!!