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Advcash is an online payment processing system for wide categories of users (individuals, freelancers, webmasters, online businesses). Besides its multi-currency account, low fees, free internal transfer, high security, fast transfer speed, it supports Bitcoin and SEPA transfers. It also offers plastic cards with free services and virtual cards.


  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

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Has mobile app:


Has web version:


Has apple pay:


Has google pay:



English, Русский

Emi type:


Reference number:


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PSD agent, FSC

Main info

Main info
Has trading:


Virtual card service fee:

0 EUR/year

Service fee:

0 RUB/month

Main service fee text:

0 EUR/month

Account opening fee:


Deposit fee:

Bank Card: 3,5%
Bank Transfer (SEPA): 1 EUR
Stablecoins: 1 USD
Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, ZEC: at the rate of the system

Withdrawal fee:

Transfer to ADV user : USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, BRL, TRY, UAH, KZT, VND - free

SEPA transfer EUR: 0,5% + 5 EUR

Local bank transfers : ARS, AUD, BDT, BRL, COP, DOP, HKD, INR, IDR, JPY, MYR, NPR, NZD, PKR, PHP, SGD, ZAR, KRW, LKR, THB, TRY, VND - from 0,5%

Mastercard cards: 2% + 3 USD, 2% + 3 EUR

Visa/MC cards in Russia: 1% + 50 RUB

Visa/MC cards in Kazakhstan: 2% + 500 KZT

Visa/MC cards in Ukraine: UAH1% + 5 UAH

Tether: 0,5% + network fee

USDC: 0,5% + network fee

Stablecoins: Dai - 0,5% + network fee

Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, ZEC, TRX, DOGE, SHIB, BNB: at the rate of the system

P2P fee:


Main currency:


Number of currencies:


Conversion fee:

1% - 2,95%

Other currencies:


Referral program:

Share the link and get 20% of transaction fees.


Money transfer

Business account


Has card:


Has virtual card:


Has multicurrency card:


More info:

Europe EUR Card / Europe USD Card:

Card price: 19.95 $
Service fee: 0 $/€
Deposit fee: 0,95%
Purchases: 0%
Purchases in foreign currency (POS) : 0%

Global Union Pay :

Card price: 95 $
Service fee: 2.5 $
Deposit fee: 1.95%
Purchases in foreign currency (POS) : 0%

Crypto World Card:

Card price: 95 $
Service fee/year : 60 $
Deposit fee: 2.95 $
Purchases in foreign currency (POS) : 0%

Europe Virtual USD/EUR:

Card provider:

Visa Europe
ADV Global (Unionpay)
Crypto World

Virtual card service fee:

0 EUR/year

Issuing fee:

19,95 EUR

ATM withdrawal fee:

0,75% - 2,99%

Virtual card pricing in eur:

9.95 - 95 EUR

Card pricing in eur:

8.8 EUR

Money transfer
Money transfer speed (days):


Business account
Business account has SEPA:


Business account has SWIFT:


Business account has business card:


Business account service fee:

0 EUR/month

Business account P2P fee:


Business account opening fee:


Business account deposit methods & fees:


Tether 1 USD


Business account withdrawal methods & fees:

SEPA 0,5% + 5 EUR

Tether/ USDC 0,5% + network fee

Business account deposit methods and fees percent:


Business account withdrawal methods and fees percent:


Has recurring payments:


Has cards acquiring payments:


Accepting crypto payments:


Merchant account opening fee:


Merchant service fee:


User Reviews



Scammers dont use them if you want your money safe horrible customer support

Boštjan Podvratnik


Deposit Last year was my first time when I deposited 1000 € from my bank account to Advash account and it was resolved the same day. This week (three bussines days ago) I deposited 5000 € from my bank account and I still have not received the funds in Advash account. Yesterday I opened ticket (ID 2369937), send CONFIRMATION OF EXECUTED PAYMENT and I told them I urgently needed a transfer, but without any answer so far. I'm already very nervous about where my money is, because I read some forums. In the chat they only tell "As you have created the ticket, please wait for the response in it, this issue can be resolved only via ticket. All tickets are processed in the chronological order." And when you ask how many time they need their answer is " It depends on the load of requests of the department. Unfortunately, I can not provide the estimated time of the response to be given." I read somewhere that there has been no answer for weeks. I really hope that the matter will be resolved successfully.

Вячеслав Кравченко

Lightweight and convenient application. registration in 5 minutes and a large number of functions for a personal account and a business account.


The worst service there can be.

The worst service there can be. Due to their limits and requirements for your personal documents, it is not possible to use the service normally. Avoid this company from afar .

Markoni The Barbell

Blocking account for no reason

Very bad experience, on my luck I only transferred 20 euro from binance.

Xavier M.


bad experience, will use any argument to take high hidden fees from you


On Tuesday 7 December 2021 I moved USD1,700 from my bank to AdvCash. I then transferred this to Binance. The money never reached Binance. AdvCash says that I have a USD1,700 balance, but when I try to withdraw or transfer it, it tells me that my balance is zero. I have contacted AdvCash support. They noted correctly that AdvCash shows no transactions on my account. That is true, it doesn't, but then how to explain the following: 1. The USD1,700 balance that shows on my account; 2. The fact that I unlocked 4 achievements when I transferred the USD1,700; 3. That USD150 that I transferred some days earlier and lost on a bad trade also does not show? AdvCash suggested that perhaps I used a different account, but I pointed out that I only have the one. I have not heard from them since despite numerous requests. Perhaps AdvCash is not a scam. Perhaps it just has unreliable technology and support that just doesn't care. Either way, just stay away from them.

Anton Lang

No money and no response after 2 weeks!

I have been waiting now for 2 weeks for the money transferred via SEPA (1001€) and not just for the money but for any reply at all. I mean I understand that they might be overloaded due to an increase of SEPA transactions but still that is no excuse to not answer any questions. So if you want to use advash to deposit money for example to your Binance account or so, better use a credit card and pay the fee as this way you will at least see the money. I hope this will reach somebody in this poor company so I can get at least my money back!

Lloyd Eksteen

Cant withdraw my funds

This is the worst place to transfer Cash. There is something strange going on with this company and they not being honest. After a few attempts to withdraw my cash into my bank account I was told that theres a glitch on their side and it will be fixed. I tried again using a different card and then I was told, conveniently, that they no longer accept payments from my country witch is South Africa. This is a load of nonsense as they do! It still states it on their website! Now i'v been told to use alternative payment methods which unfortunetly, dont work for me so now i have money stuck in their account and i cant get it out and no one can assist me...........

aliz khanz

Advcash is a Fraud/SCAM and racist

Advcash is a fraud. They may steal your personal information and then use it to create fake accounts. Even in this digital age, they ask for ink-signed documents. Not even banks, government agencies ask that. Their management is still old-school. Just because they say they are a crypto exchange, doesn't mean they are advanced. BIG SCAM!!! Look for an alternate. I just browsed google and it seems they took unfair deductions and even refused to give back deposited crypto. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

Cassiopé Gillet

Really great company! Support very fast. All work correct and fast. Just 1 problem. Some expansive add money into account from debit card. But ADVCash is very populated system, have a BTC wallet, few fiat currency, USD, RUB, EUR, may be more. Exchange rate is not good, but you can add money in currency which you want! And send any currency! If we will be compare with PayPal, for example, you can't send money between 2 russian accounts in USD, just in RUR, if you receive USD - them convert it in RUB and you can cash out only in RUB. Here - you can do in currency, which you want. Transfer inside system is a free! Also perfect! So. In total - very good, just expansive debt and not good exchange rates.

Josepha Brockhaus

i have login issue in my account the support department was very helpful and faster than i image to solve the problems.

Alya Girard

Closed account without any explanation, that can be a problem if you are using this wallet for marketing and need to build new system. And probably advcash is trying to write that their policy and something else, but I just want to let people know that they should stay away from company, which can inform just today, that account is closed (its not an advance notification), and secondly for sure this answer confirms, that you can imagine everything and cover any decision with AML is not like trusted cooperation and for sure all companies and persons who are looking for good and lucrative cooperation should not rely on this company.

Jēzups Vilciņš

Straightforward to create an account (speedy verification process) and so far I have had no problems with transactions.

Cordula Silbermann

I was my pleasure to know such a professionalism and personalized attention to customer needs even during onboarding process for their services. I would highly recommend this team. Keep the same level of customer interactions! Thank you team

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