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XE Money Transfer allows individuals and businesses to transfer money to numerous countries around the world. Founded over 30 years ago, Xe has since grown into a company that offers various products ranging from reliable live currency conversion tools, Mass Payments, to an international payment service for both personal and business transfers.


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The quickest way for XE to help you is via live chat feature. Sign in and click the Chat button and XE will connect you to them team as soon as the next available agent is free.

Phone: +1-877-932-6640


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Money Transfer

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Main info
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Electronic payment methods and fees:

Credit card: Your card issuer may charge a cash advance fee of up to 5%, and start charging interest from the point of purchase. If this is the case, you will be liable for this charge.

Debit card: It is free to use a debit card to pay for your transfer in the UK and Europe.
If you live outside of these regions, you'll be charged a small fee for using a debit card, which will be a percentage of the total amount being sent.

Bank or wire transfer:
Xe will not charge to receive funds via bank transfer.
Some banks may impose charges on these transfers. Typically, banks in the US and Canada charge between $15 and $30 to make a wire transfer.

Interac (e-Transfer):
It’s typically a free service, but this is at the discretion of the customer's bank.

The two main types of additional charges customers should watch out for when sending with Xe include payment method and third-party bank fees. For instance, when paying with credit card, fees can amount to up to 5% of the transaction, and for customers in the US, a flat-fee of 2.99% of the sending amount is applied to all credit-card funded transfers: it is free to pay with a debit card.

Main service fee text:

0 EUR/month

Account opening fee:


Withdrawal fee:

Bank Transfer = 0%

When you transfer money electronically, there’s no physical money transport. The “transfer” is a secure exchange of information between two institutions (typically your bank and your recipient’s bank) that lets them know how much to debit from the sender’s account and whose account to credit (yours). Unlike wire transfers, which can be picked up in person, an online money transfer will go straight to your bank account.

If you don’t have a bank account, you can easily open one online or on the phone in just a few minutes.

Main currency:


Conversion fee:


Other currencies:

Nearly 100

Referral program:

25 GBP, USD, AUD Amazon voucher for both referrer and friend.

Money transfer

Business account

Money transfer
Money transfer speed:

Immediately up to 4 days.

Business account
Business account has IBAN:


Business account has SEPA:


Business account has SWIFT:


Business account has business card:


Business account service fee:

0 EUR/month

Business account affiliate program:

Monetise your traffic by joining the Xe money transfer affiliate program on Impact Radius.

Help your clients save time and money when making international payments, recommend XE and get a benefit.

Business account opening fee:


User Reviews


Doing international money transfer is a pain. I have to contact their support agent to unblock my card. I have to do that over and over again. I guess I will just stick to my usual platform for international money transfer.

Jan Ejsymontt

Rapid, efficient and a decent enough exchange rate. Will use them in the future and recommend to others.


HI - Money XE is usually great, and was ok on my mobile to do this transaction eventually, however on lap top - I am continuously getting this message"Cannot Deal" ??

Customer dw

Utter waste of time and mildly frustrating. I don’t often transfer money internationally and after many messages telling me how convenient XE is, I thought I’d try. After going through the rigmarole of setting up an account and entering all the recipient’s details, I was given the account details to which I should send the cash. On several separate attempts, two different banks both told me they couldn’t complete because the account details were wrong. Contacting XE to solve the problem is apparently impossible. They can contact you but getting in touch with them is apparently impossible. In the end I gave up and used an alternative that was quick, trouble free and straightforward.


Good exchange rates, and efficient notification by email of receipt of funds and of sending funds. Efficient for repeat payments, as IBAN / Swift codes all saved electronically for each Payee. Funds arrive quite quickly at destination.

Mr & Mrs Foulkes

Once you have your account set up it is quite straightforward to make transfers accompanied by live exchange rate updates. Prompt progress emails as the transfer progressed.


I am new to XE, was using other platform for transfer and recently got introduced to it. After onboarding XE I felt it is giving better rates than anywhere else and my transfers are more safe. Thanks for the service your provide XE.com

Helen Dowdswell

One transaction I made was excellent but I struggled with a second which was probably my fault. Overall I was very happy with service. It was very speedy.


Been using them before and had some delays but recently delayed payments just before Xmas , and asked me to verify my ID again. Why just before Xmas? I have been using them regularly?Because they are having trouble with transfer bank ?Spoke to customer service and they assured me they would send urgently and I did not receive the funds until a week later.Rang customer service again, no apology and they were arrogant and said they don't send money over Xmas.(They received it before !)DO NOT TRUST THEM , It has happened again 7-8 February keeping funds and delaying payments , blaming the bank. My banks are having no problems with transfers at the same time? Expect costly delays

John Douglas Lipton

My first time of using this means to transfer some money overseas. It proved to be straightforward and reliable.

Kevin “Kaveh” Jamali

I sent money to Turkey, but your system can not accept Turkish letters; I spent 30 min to understand what is the problem and write the address in English letters


U said that u have lose my account and can't give me a reason. There is alot more companies out so take your company stick up you ass

Deborah Bateman

Another easy trouble free transaction. So easy to deal with. Very quick transfer as well. No waiting ages for money to be transferred. Have been using XE.com for several years now and there has never been a problem.


XE does what says it will do. It is quick, easy and competitive.

Max van Daalen

Once my account was setup and verified, XE was extremely easy to use and my international payment went through very quickly. Good exchange rates and no transaction fees. Highly recommended!

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