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Rooster Money by NatWest is an app and prepaid debit card for kids aged 4 to 17 that allows them to manage their money independently. You may create separate spending and withdrawal limitations with parental supervision, offering your children pockets of allowance, incentives, or prizes for accomplishing household responsibilities.


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  • Affiliate program

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Main info

Main info
Has budget planner:


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Main service fee text:

Virtual Tracker: free
Rooster Plus: 0,99 GBP/month

Account opening fee:


Deposit fee:

You can pay into your account in two ways, either from card top ups directly in the NatWest Rooster Money app or by bank transfer from your bank account of choice. For a card top up go to your dashboard, tap on the plus sign located on the right hand side of the Parent Account icon.

Interest account:

Set up a parent-paid Interest Rate on their pots and reward them for the money they set aside.


Has virtual card:


More info:

Rooster Card: one month FREE TRIAL
19,99 GBP/year or 1,99 GBP/month

Foreign Currency Spending is free for up to 50 GBP per calendar month, spending above that limit will have a fee charged at 3% of the transaction amount.

Payment card type:


Card provider:


ATM withdrawal fee:


*Note some ATMs may charge additional fees

User Reviews




HIPPO Customer

I highly recommend this app. I was looking for a virtual bank solution for awarding allowance, etc. This app fits the bill;)


Easy to use and does all we want from it. And is synchronised on more than 3 devices. Great app


Our children (7, 10 and 12) understand RoosterMoney well. It makes it easy for me to deduct pocket money immediately in a shop when they want something, and the weekly scrabble for the right coins to give them is a distant memory.

Tommy Monteith

This works well for tracking pocket money and allowing the kids to set up regular gifts to charity (ie set it aside to reflect the regular payments I make on their behalf) and allows them to save up for things they want and see how close they're getting. I like that it doesn't involve real money, just tracking what we should be giving them


such an easy way to keep track of allowances, and way more fun/engaging for the kids because they love the goals feature


I really like this application and would gladly pay for it, I won’t however do a subscription. There simply isn’t enough value for me to have a recurring fee.Also, the interface could be slightly more intuitive, sometimes I can’t figure out how to do things like transfer money from a savings to my kids spend pot.


Complete and utter rubbish.NatWest want ME to prove who I am even after linking MY NatWest Current account to the Rooster app Which NatWest own.Farcical. So I uploaded a pic of my driving licence as requested as I don't have a passport.....not good enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣 even though it was at NatWests request through the app.....And what's even scarier is that we trust these people with our money!!Seriously guys. Do yourself a favour and opt for one of the dozens of far far far far superior kids card/apps out there that aren't run by banks! This one is a disaster waiting to happen.


Focused my children to save for useful things rather than wasting in on plastic tat or sweets.


Great App, We love it.

Fabulous app and service. The kids now understand how much money they have and we can both see and remove money as they want things in shops etc.

Nick Corrnwell

I like the app , but why do you ask for so many reviews ?

Helen T Smith

Love the app but not so much the 10 emails in one go asking me to review!

Brenda Swan-Weatherspoon

I ordered a card and haven't received it after 17 days. There is no update or notification relating to the card ordered. Instead I am been sent numerous notification about the features of the card I don't received, but no information on what is happening to the card ordered. That is 17days out of my free 1 month trial. Still waiting for card

Tom Story

Great idea; badly supported I promised my kid that I’d get one of these after they did well in a test. Got as far as the ID checks and failed as one support person told me that If I downloaded a copy of my bill; printed it out took a photo, it would suffice - then to have another one come back and say it wasn’t. I don’t want to deal with these people; they’re way too much effort. I think I’m happy to pay a bit more for a slightly more established brand.Edit. Looks like this was down to me Mis - reading their last email; but it shouldn’t have taken over a day to get to this point. In comparison; I used a higher priced competitor and had an account open and an eta for the card in under ten minutesEdit #2. For anyone reading this; be aware that said documentation wasn’t required as part of the initial sign up for the higher priced competitor; and their support team came back five hours faster


Great idea but would be nice if it was easier to move money back to parents account.


Love that it does it's work automatically, my girls are thrilled to be regularly getting money, but not being able to have access to the info when we are at the store without wireless makes it quite a bit less useful. I have to check it beforehand or find a store with wireless. It would be great if there was an offline mode. I am look for something that will fit our needs better.


Works fine, just got to get daughter to use more proactively


I love the concept of rooster money and the fact that it’s user friendly for the kids. My reason For giving a 3 is because putting chores in for multiple kids is not that user friendly. The first time you create a chore it’s fine because you can ‘tag’ it to both kids but if you updating chores, then you have to update the same chore in each child’s chore list. That’s cumbersome.


It’s not very intuitive... we use it for chores and it’s very orient to allowances

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