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Starling Bank takes a unique approach to traditional banking. The goal is to supply everything you need from a complete UK bank account while excluding anything you don't. With no physical branches, you can still receive money management tools, a MasterCard contactless debit card, and 24/7 customer support, low fee international money transfers and more!



  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto


Founded: 2014
Has mobile app: Yes
Has web version: Yes
Languages: English
Reference number: 730166
Available in these countries: Faroe Islands, GBR, USA, AUS, AUT, BAH, BEL, BUL, CAN, CYP, CZE, DMA, EST, FIN, FRA, GER, Gibraltar, GRE, HUN, ITA, LIE, LTU, LUX, MLT, Netherlands Antilles, NOR, NZL, POL, POR, SLO, SMR, SWE, LAT, IRL, ROM, IRE, SPA, NZD
Jurisdiction: GBR
Licenses: FCA

Main info

Has insurance: No
Has budget planner: No
Has bill split: No
Has iban: Yes
Has sepa: Yes
Has swift: Yes
Electronic payment methods and fees: FPS, Bacs, Cheque,CHAPS payments and international FX services
Main service fee text: 0 GBP

Additional GBP personal current account: non-refundable £2 per month (paid in advance).
Account opening fee: 0 GBP
Withdrawal fee: Cash withdrawal in £ Sterling in the UK:

We will not charge a fee for withdrawing £ Sterling from ATMs in the UK or using the Post Office counter service.
Please note our cards do not work at Link cash machines.

Cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK:

We will not charge you a fee for withdrawing cash in foreign currency outside the UK. However, the Mastercard exchange rates will apply to any such withdrawal and you may also be charged a fee by the local ATM provider.
P2P fee: Faster Payments: 0 GDP
Direct Debits: 0 GDP
Standing Order: 0 GDP
CHAPS payments: 20 GDP
SWIFT : 5,50 GDP
Sending money outside of the UK (third party accounts): 0.4% transfer fee + local fees for each currency we support
Currency transfers between your Starling accounts (e.g. GBP to EUR): 0.4% transfer fee + local fees for each currency we support
Main currency: GBR
Number of currencies: 20
Conversion fee: 2%
Referral program: Refer a friend to Starling, and they will plant a tree
Other currencies: EUR, USD
Money transfer
Business account


Has virtual card Yes
Has card Yes
More info Spend fee-lessly.
Pay on card or withdraw cash abroad anywhere, with no fees from us ( only third part network fees).
Card provider MasterCard (Debit)
ATM withdrawal fee 0%

Money transfer

Money transfer speed (days): 1

Business account

Business account has IBAN Yes
Business account has SEPA Yes
Business account has SWIFT Yes
Business account has business card Yes
Business account service fee GBR account: 0 GBP/month
EUR account: 2 GBP/month
USD account: 5 GBP/month
Business account P2P fee Faster Payments: 0 GDP
Direct Debits: 0 GDP
Standing Order: 0 GDP
CHAPS payments: 20 GDP
Business account opening fee 0 GBP
Business account deposit methods & fees Post Office Counter Service
(<1000 GBP): 0,3%
(>= 1000 GBP): 0,35%
Business account withdrawal methods & fees Post Office Counter Service: 0.50 GBP
Cards: 0%
Business p2p fee percent: 2.3%
Business account deposit methods and fees percent: 0.3 - 0.35%
Business account withdrawal methods and fees percent: 0.058%


Has email invoicing Yes

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Reviews by users

Review and rate Starling Bank

social-icon Rory Rafter
social-icon Patrick Tucker

Totally It Is An Amazing Bank And I Don’t Think I Need Anything More From Starling, They Provide Everything. Very Quick And Easy They Helped Me To Manage My Company Account To Have This Perfect And Trustable Alliance. I Really Appreciate That!

social-icon Jennifer

starling is really nice and simple. easily you can create the transfer from your business or private account and also it is perfect in case of transferring from your old bank with all your direct debits and necessary needs. the feature that i love in starling is that i can save in spaces for my tax. vat. i should say that because it is separate from all background accounts, surely nobody gonna fritter it away. i bought the new apartment with my saving after some time. i believe that starling is real freedom!

social-icon Chimezie Jimmy

bad day with starling, until now never i had any issues with this platform and always i was enjoying its services , however today starling did not accept the cheque because it was written in my name as a business account so surely it will not match my account name so i had a so many issues and struggling to get the payment. i should say that it is not very well and actually there is no any tools for me to use in this regard. please solve this issue somehow as fast as possible.

social-icon Kai Barlow
social-icon Dr-Amer Abdulghane
social-icon Dusty Shackleford

This bank is great and provides perfect services. Sometimes they are confusing users by some mistakes I can say; the withdrawal and deposit number showed as a positive with a plus symbol. However, I believe that starling can get better and better. Thank you for good services!

social-icon Jack Duncan
social-icon Anthony Houghton

for me the support team SURPRISINGLY was PERFECT, FAST, AND PROFESSIONAL, they managed my questions NICELY!!!!

social-icon One Eleven


social-icon Chris Rainey

As soon as you can get your card, ready and starting to work with this app, you will understand how many it is easy to use and a wonderful online bank. Thank you StarlingBank!

social-icon Nemesis alk

The process for opening a business account took soooooooo long and there were no clear reasons for it, i should admit that the cs is amazing and helpful.

social-icon Ex. A.Summers.

Definitely, i want to recommend starling, it is fascinating. my family before using starling and i should say that i was skeptical. but later i wanted to have a joint account with my partner and we used starling, it was surprisingly easy and simple. the customer service is amazing and friendly. i believe this is a new world for finance and banking services.

social-icon Nick
social-icon gordon datlen

I believe the security options should get lower because it is sometimes annoying, in general, it is a wonderful app with nice services, thanks...