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CurrencyFair is an online P2P (peer-to-peer) money transfer service started in 2009, headquartered in Ireland with offices now stretching all over the world. CurrencyFair offers its customers access to seventeen currencies, giving them variety and helping them establish themselves through globalization and investing without borders.


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English, French, Deutsch

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Available in these countries:

Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, GBR, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, USA, AUS, AUT, BEL, CAN, CYP, CZE, ESP, EST, FIN, FRA, HKG, HUN, ISL, ITA, LIE, LTU, LUX, MLT, Netherlands Antilles, NOR, NZL, POL, ROU, SGP, SMR, SVK, SWE, IRL, Isle of Man, NLD, SVN, DNK, BGR, HRV, DEU, GRC, PRT, CHE, ZAF, ARE, LVA, GUF, MYT, MTQ, ABW, CUW, PYF, GRL, GLP, NCL, SHN, AIA, FRO, SJM, WLF





Main info

Main info
Has trading:


Electronic payment methods and fees:

Money transfer: 3 EUR or or currency equivalent for each Transfer Out

Main service fee text:


Account opening fee:


Deposit fee:


Withdrawal fee:

3 EUR or or currency equivalent for each Transfer Out

P2P fee:

3 EUR or or currency equivalent for each Transfer Out

Main currency:


Number of currencies:


Conversion fee:


Other currencies:


Referral program:

Refer friends to CurrencyFair and you could earn €60 each.

Money transfer

Business account

Money transfer
Money transfer speed:

1 hour up to 2 business days

Business account
Business account has SEPA:


Business account has SWIFT:


Business account withdrawal methods and fees has conversion:


Business account service fee:


Business account P2P fee:

3 EUR or or currency equivalent for each Transfer Out

Business account affiliate program:

Send referrals and earn a commission.

Payment Plans:
1. CurrencyFair offer competitive CPA rates, talk to your dedicated Affiliate Manager today.
2. A Rev Share payment can be discussed.

Business account opening fee:


Business account deposit methods & fees:


Business account withdrawal methods & fees:

3 EUR or or currency equivalent for each Transfer Out

User Reviews

mojgan rad

I enjoyed using your site because it had all the facilities and it was easy to send documents, and especially the photo was difficult for me, which you yourself had the possibility of, which I had a problem with on other sites. It is simple, easy, professional and cheap. Thank you for your service and may God bless you


I was very impressed with your security measures. However, the delivery turn-around of my remittance is slower than expected. It took two days. As a result, the currency rate on the day I made the transaction was not locked in. I got a lower rate.

D Black

Automated system worked perfectly. Only a few hours from French bank to UK bank via CF client account.


problem with delayed payment, no notification from Currency Affair after 3 days.I had to ring customer service to find out about delay.I have now lost money on different and lower exchange rate.The funds were to pay a credit card , so now I will be penalised with late fees.You do not even have the decency to waiver fees with such bad late service.I will give you bad reviews where I can and look at reporting you to Financial Obudsman, as you conduct violates consumer law , restricting money movement,without compensation of service fees


Pls check your records and you will find that, after days and many complications, you were unable to complete a simple transfer to a bank in India. I closed my account with CF. So, no need to send me further messages.Using WISE the identical transaction was a matter of minutes.


Two main issues, 1) they use intermediary banks to complete the transfer, and they do not advise which bank this is but do advise you check their fees. Yet somehow they still claim "no hidden fees", it would be more accurate to say "unknown fees". 2) If using the "choose your own rate" option, there is no minimum, it will take any value from your top-up amount. So in my case, it sent $4 USD, and the "unknown fees" were $8, so the intermediary bank just kept my $4 and that was the full transaction.edited to add: After below reply adding in further clarity that the beneficiary bank has no fees, it was an intermediary bank that there are unknown fees for. From currency fair: "It is important to note that these charges did not come from CurrencyFair, and we have no visibility or control of these charges. Due to this we cannot foresee, compensate for or refund intermediary charges that may be applied."

G J Costello

It is very easy to set up an account with them, good exchange rate, and minimum charges. First International transaction completed within 1 day

Don't use this company

I’m an expat working overseas and have been trying to transfer money from my currencyfair account to my US bank. First time I tried to transfer currencyfair said it would take 5 business days. The money left my currencyfair account but never went into my US account. Currencyfair rep said they didn’t know what happened but to initiate the transfer again. I did that three days ago and still nothing! Funds are still in my currencyfair account. Do not believe their website that says 24 hours. They’ve had my money for over two weeks now. I’ve sent emails with no response. I’ve called and spoken to several reps who tell me just initiate another transfer. Do not use this company!!


very bad experience, they delete my account with a lot of money without telling me and refuses to return it to my account, they ask that my bank claim it, it's shameful to do this knowing that we're going through your platform to pay bills, moreover they ask me for my bank statements to verify but not to return the money only to verify I do not understand, a bank statement is personal you do not have the right to ask for it it is a European law . I asked my bank to claim the return of the funds to our account in case of refusal we will sue them. so be careful.

Mrs Marriott

Currency Fair are quick and easy to use, with very good exchange rates and low fees. Plus you are able to do everything online when it suits you.

Margaret Rennie

charges are lower than bank transferskept going into wrong fields and had to retry


Requirement for additional documents kept changing and after providing all the documents overall time to complete transaction was very high. I am not sure whether this is expected ( as per current processes of CurrencyFair) time or this can be improved further to improve overall customer experience.

Iris Joosten

Good personal check, made me feel secure about the transaction.


I was delighted with the streamlined process of transferring monies overseas The whole process was straight forward, easy and efficient, with the bonus of a much better rate than I could find elsewhere


I’ve used CurrencyFair to exchange Euros for USD, then sent USD to the USA. From sending CurrencyFair Euros, exchanging them to USD, then sending to the USA has taken about 3-4 days. The cost/time of making these transfers has been as advertised and I’m pleased with the money I’m saving as compared to using my German bank for the same services. There have been no transfer issues. Indeed, in my experience, CurrencyFair is easy, relatively quick, and seamless.

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