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Revolut is an alternative to the big banks. Instant spending notifications, built-in budgeting and the ability to spend and transfer money globally with the real exchange rate — just in one app. From everyday spending and budgeting, to foreign currency exchange and easy-access stock trading.

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  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card


Name: Revolut
Languages: English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, Lietuvių, Español, Română, Italiano, 日本語, Čeština, Nordmenn, Svenska, Dansk, Magyar nyelv, Български, Ελληνικά, Hrvatski, Latviešu, Nederlands, Português, Slovenščina
Web version: No
Mobile apps: Yes
Available in this countries: EEA
License: AEMI
License №: 900562
Jurisdiction: GBR
Founded: 2015
Apple pay: Yes
Google pay: Yes

Main info

Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Service fee: 1) Standart = 0 GBP/month
2) Plus = 2,99 GBP/month
3) Premium = 6,99 GBP/month
4) Metal = 12,99 GBP/month
Deposit methods: 1) Bank Transfer = 0%
2) Card = 0%
3) Other Methods = 0%
Withdrawal methods: 1) Bank Transfer = n/a
2) ATM Card PS = 0%
P2P fee: 0%
Personal IBAN: Yes
Interest rate: 0.1 - 0.65%
Minimum deposit term (months): 12
Main currency: GBP
Number of currencies: 30+
Conversion fee: Mon-Fri = 0% (THB, UAH = 1%)
Sat-Sun = 1% (THB, UAH = 2%)
Referral program:
Trading: No
Budget planner: Yes
Bill split: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Money transfer
Business account


Card provider: MasterCard (Debit)
Issuing fee: 0 EUR
Service fee: 0 EUR/month
Multicurrency: No
NFC: Yes
Virtual card: Yes
ATM withdrawal fee: 1) Standart:
- 0% (<200 GBP/30d)
- 2% (>=200 GBP/30d)
2) Plus:
- 0% (<200 GBP/30d)
- 2% (>=200 GBP/30d)
3) Premium:
- 0% (<==400 GBP/30d)
- 2% (>=400 GBP/30d)
4) Metal:
- 0% (<800 GBP/30d)
- 2% (>=800 GBP/30d)
Card limits: ATM/24h = 3000 GBP
Virtual card pricing: 0 EUR
Virtual service fee: 0-180,36

Money transfer

Transfer speed (days): 0 - 2
Transfer fee: 0%

Business account

Account opening fee: 0 GBP
Service fee: 1) Free = 0 GBP/month
2) Grow = 25 GBP/month
3) Scale = 100 GBP/month
4) Enterprise = n/a
Deposit methods & fees: Bank Transfer = n/a
Withdrawal methods & fees: 1) Bank Transfer = n/a
2) ATM Card PS = 2%
P2P fee: 0%
Corporate card: Yes
Affiliate program:


Account opening fee: 0 GBP
Service fee Free = 0 GBP/month
Grow = 25 GBP/month
Scale = 100 GBP/month
Enterprise = n/a
Recurring payments Yes
Cards acquiring services Yes
Fee for receiving payments Cards = 1.3%
Other = 2.8%
m-Pos payment services No
MO/TO services No
SMS billing services No
Ticket selling services No
Email invoicing No

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Does using Revolut lead to significant savings in comparison to similar services?

6 min read 18.03.2021

Does using Revolut lead to significant savings in comparison to similar services?

Overview by Tatiana Gomzicova

Amir Namazi

I am happy with Revolut services specially when I am in trips I can use its money exchanging services so easy and fast.

Meera Nadeau

Lucky I cant do half star. I'm so angry and upset with revolute. I got them blocking my account until I verify my funds and income. Even wont release money I have in there. Thing is I had open heart surgery last year and didn't have ok to go back to work from surgeon until November. So I dont have a job right now. Soon will. I understand they have a job to do and protect or watch making sure people's money is safe but to not let me have mine at all and being totally unhelpful when which wasnt often replied to me. I sent Tennant contract and bank statements but nothing happened last 3 months which they wanted so what else can I do. Support always say I need to transfer u to another department, just pass me off. Just give me my money and let me close account.

William Robinson

Good at the beginning, but extremely poor customer experience, do NOT bank with them!! I was a mild private user of the app (but I had a PREMIUM plan called Metal), and quite active business user as well. But when I started to get more involved with my private acct and make small bank transfers ($50 to up to $2000), they blocked my account and started asking tons of questions, they asked my private and business tax statements (sic!) for the last 3 years, they asked my salary slips, contracts of my companies, selfies with my credit cards and a paper with a proof of today's date, they questioned me about a $45 withdrawal that happened 9 months ago, my Stripe account, all this for my PRIVATE account! The worst part was that their agents kept changing all the time, so they always had to ""take a moment to check my file"". A moment means 24 hours, not good when you're waiting to make transfers. Apart from 1 chat open at a time, there is absolutely NO way to contact anyone at revolut. So if the agent you're chatting with is not responsive (which is the case), you are 100% stuck. After a few days, I told them to close my private and business accounts. It's too risky to bank with them.

Iraklijs Rozentāls

Hello, For about a year working with Revolut I am satisfied with them. I also had problems but they reacted in time. I have always been able to contact a service person. I would recommend that they return to stricter transaction verification. This will avoid double payments and potential fraud. Overall, the service (in my opinion) is very good and the products and services they offer are world class.

Kuno Lācītis

When I transferred money between countries in Europe it was fine. But the first online purchase I did in UK went totally wrong. I had money in my account and the guy who was supposed to receive my cardnumber read it thoroughly but somehow the payment did not go through. Then I thought ok I will try again. But no my money was completely gone. NOBODY to contact nobody to write to. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE...I want my money back now. Stop this ridiculous I am hiding behind my stupid rules and will not answer your calls. Very arrogant behaviour from a company. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED

Graham Green

This is a very good Bank company they are not a full bank in the uk but I have to say they are 5 stars you can only withdraw £200 a month for free and you can use you bank card anywhere in the world for free and not get any charges for purchase and you get the best exchange rate I’m with them and have used them all over the eu and never had a problem at all and you can have a lot of different currencies on one card and you will only use the currency you have in the country if you don’t have any currency you will use pounds I have got a lot of friends and family to join them and you can send money International for free no bank can say that only revolute

Adelions Veidenbaums

Great idea of a Bank system. O course there is a lot to improve but overall its a good choice.

Hans-Günther Binder

was mad at first, takes them so much time to approve accounts. but they reached out and helped me a lot! thanks

Marc Phaneuf

they locked my account with 500e in shares due to id issue, which was fine this whole time while i was depositing money into account, if you read google reviews, you can see 664k downloads, yet R reports 500k customers in Ireland. They lie left and right. Google review shows 4.8 stars yet if you scroll down, every second real review is 1 star. AVOID THIS 'company'. If anyone want's screenshots, i have them all! oh yes, almost 20-30.