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Lili is a fintech company that provides a mobile business checking account with no fees or a minimum initial deposit, as well as a slew of digital tools that enable you to manage expenses, track tax write-offs, save for tax payments, and accept payments from customers all from one account. The service is designed for freelancers, single-member LLCs, and sole traders.


  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto




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Has apple pay:


Has google pay:




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Main info

Main info
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When you use your Lili debit card at participating merchants, you will earn cash back directly into your Lili account1. It literally pays to use your Lili debit card!


Fee-free overdraft up to $200 on your debit card purchases.

Interest account:

Automatic Savings1 with 1.5% APY2.


Business account


Has card:


Has virtual card:


Personal credit and loans Credit cards:


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Card provider:


Virtual card pricing:


Issuing fee:


ATM withdrawal fee:

Lili doesn’t charge withdrawal fees from over 38,000 ATMs across the US.

Card limits:

You can spend up to $3000 per day and withdraw from an ATM up to $500 a day, including ATM fees. On a monthly basis you can spend up to $15000 and withdraws up to $3000.

Business account
Business p2p fee has conversion:


Business account deposit methods and fees has conversion:


Business account withdrawal methods and fees has conversion:


Business account service fee:

In addition to the fee-free Lili Basic account, Lili users have the option to upgrade to a Lili Pro account, which has a monthly fee of 4.99 USD

Business account opening fee:


Business account deposit methods & fees:

- Instant Pay
- Direct Deposit
- ACH Transfer
- Link Another Bank Account
- Scan Your Check

Business account withdrawal methods & fees:

Lili doesn’t charge withdrawal fees from over 38,000 ATMs across the US

Has email invoicing:


User Reviews

Christiana Diego

I found this card to be very helpful with my personal business I can transfer money from my checking to my savings really quickly and multiple times in one day. I can also lock and unlock my card anytime I want to. And it is also the fastest car I've ever found and the easiest to upload money onto. I love my LILI CARD!!!!


Not sure I like a limit on depositsHaving trouble transferring money from the accounts I added

Christine Sewell

I have previously posted a review, due to this company closing our business account after complaining about them. I wanted to be sure everyone who has experienced this with Lili is watching their account after it's closed. They still have $14,000 of our money and we just discovered $300 in Only Fans charges on our account. If the account is closed, and we are supposed to be receiving a check for our remaining funds, how is anyone using the account? It looks like these people are fine with their employees using other people's money to do whatever they want. There's no way that they close an account that they don't know about these charges. We can't even use our account, but somebody is able to charge stuff to it? My husband and I are so angry and have contacted the FDIC and are contacting them again. So, watch your account for charges after they tell you they've closed it. These people are shameless and need to be shut down!Update: The amount is actually $675, on Only Fans, spent out of our account, which is supposedly closed. We are now contacting their "partner" bank and will be suing the crap out of these people. I better have every single red cent back in my account and a check this week. I have also contacted Senator Hawley's office and am contacting the Attorney General's office today and have already filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve. They've messed with the wrong people.

LaVincia McBride

The overall experience with Lili is amazing! I highly recommend to any small business owner

RLS Holdings

It’s been over 96 hours and Lili Bank still hasn’t gotten back to me about the status of my new Business account. After 6 days time, they have finally confirmed the opening of my account.

Bobbi Mullins

I opened an account, set up an initial deposit... kept getting emails that they were sending a debit card and then suddenly I couldn't get into the acct. Customer service then says the account was closed for an unknown reason-- however I was able to login to the account again. At this point, I'm closing it either way and am very disappointed with the entire experience.

Richard Byers

Simple and easy on the eyes.Good user interface and good customer service.


The IRS released funds, and my funds were collected and added right away.

JENNY Hampton

Lily is so easy to use the app is awesome I love the feature when you add money it automatically takes some out to put in a tax bucket for you I love that feature so when I'm broke I can pull from there.. they're very fast if you transfer money to them like from cash app or venmo you get it within seconds.

Christie Shavis

Lili is the BG est easy to understand

Christine Diaz

If you are a gig worker, 1099 or cash only for side jobs here and there this is the account for YOU! Everything you need in one place and more. Customer Service is above and beyond plus your emergency is there's. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT LILI!!! YOU WILL TOOO


Lili gives you so much helpful information about your account and expenses. I love that, its super helpful to make it easier to keep track of things. Their app is easy to use and it's easy to reach customer service when needed as well. I really like that I get paid a day early and get instant notifications for any transactions that occur on my account.

Casey Bonner

I love Lili everything I have experienced with them has been great and I have used them going on 2 yrs now.

Lisa Masters

My experience with lili's has been awesome. I just love this bank. It's always got back. Never really had any problems but one someone took money out over in another state. They called me when they notice I was using my card in two different states. It brought up a red flag They did put my money back into my account. It was 350.00 which I needed that. So it didn't take them long So thanks again lili's banking! Your the best of the best!!!

Daphne Turner

Ease of use and constant activity notifications.

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