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Ibrahim Busari
Ibrahim Busari
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Transfer Money Without A Bank Account

Transfer Money Without A Bank Account

Are you looking to send money to friends or family that is unbanked either abroad or locally? Or perhaps looking to skip over the extra fees that come with sending money from your bank account. Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will look at all the ways you can send money online domestically, and internationally.

Whether you’re an international student studying abroad or an ex-pat in need of emergency funds, sending money from one country to another can be challenging. If you don’t have a bank account, it can seem even more impossible — until now. There are several ways to transfer money without having to go through banks and we’ll discuss them all below. These methods may require some research on your part, but with the help of AskWallet, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to send money overseas without having a bank account!

Ways To Send Money To Someone Without A Bank Account 

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to send money without a bank account. With online banking becoming more and more popular in both developed and developing countries. We can see that money can easily move from one place to another without the need for a bank account. 

Today, we will take through some of the ways to send money to someone without a bank account. We will start with one of the popular ways to send money to an unbanked person: 

Money Order

Money orders have been around for a very long time. You might have even seen one and had no idea what they do or how they work. If you work through your neighborhood or malls, you are sure to a Western Union or MoneyGram building. These are some of the biggest names in money order transfers such as Wise, Revolut, Worldremit, and many more!

If you're sending cash, then your best bet is to send it by money order. Money orders are like checks. You buy them at your local convenience store or bank, and they get cashed at a different location. 

When you want to cash one, you take it and your identification (or whatever else they might require) to an authorized location—usually another bank branch or a store's customer service counter—and receive money in return. In most countries, anyone can purchase money orders with cash, but if you have bad credit (or don't have an ID), you'll have trouble getting some banks' authorization codes needed for purchases of $3,000 or more.



E-wallets have continued to see major success in 2022 as many people look to go online with their finances. When it comes to sending money quickly, there is no faster option than mobile wallets. So what are e-wallets and how do they work?

Electronic wallets, often known as e-wallets, are a new way to transfer and receive money. They function similarly to prepaid debit cards. With e-wallets, you may effortlessly deposit checks. You can also send money by text message or email using your smartphone or computer.

Some of the best e-wallets in 2022 include: 



Paypal is one of your better options if you're new to online payments. You may send and receive money as an e-mail attachment using the site. It's simple to link your account to your bank account or credit card, so you can start receiving transfers right away. You may also use Paypal to pay for items without registering for an account on several major websites, such as eBay, and there are no additional costs.



It's difficult to believe, but you can now transfer money from your phone to your bank account without ever having a bank account. Cash App is one of a few apps that allow those who are unbanked or underbanked (do not have traditional bank accounts) to send and receive money from friends and family.



Skrill is an e-wallet that gives you access to an online account where you can transfer money online. If you know anyone who uses one of these, then it’s easy: Just add them as a friend and make your request! 



Neteller is one of many services that allow you to transfer money in real-time without a bank account. If you don’t have one already, register online in a matter of minutes. Also, users can get a free virtual MasterCard.  



Don't worry if you need to transfer money but don't have a bank account. You may still do it electronically, and you don't have to sign up for anything or provide any personal information. Create an ecoPayz online wallet account instead.



This is a simple way to transfer money to a friend or family member without a bank account. However, the EMI allows you to connect to your debit or credit card if you have one or you want to send funds directly from there.

Zelle is available in various bank applications and online banking platforms. You may then transfer money to anyone who has an email address (no phone number needed). And they'll have it in minutes if not less than 20 seconds. 


Money Transfer Apps 

Money transfer apps are smartphone apps that are designed solely to allow users to send and receive payments. These applications may be utilized whether you are out with a buddy and need to split the cost or you are buying at your favorite online store. 

Some money transfer apps even allow you to withdraw money using a virtual or physical card. For those who do not have bank accounts, but still want easy access to funds, these apps might offer an excellent alternative. Use our guide as a helpful starting point on how to utilize money transfer applications and enjoy fast convenient fund transfers! 

Another great thing is the number of features that came with money transfer apps. From being able to manage your funds on the go to instantly send money domestically and internationally. Some of the most sought after money transfer services in 2022 include: 







What are the best options to send money without a bank account? 

There are many ways to send money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account. With many challenger banks and mobile wallets available you can send money to developing countries and the unbanked. 

Here are some of the best options to send money without a bank account: 


Make use of a money transfer service 

Money services have been around for a while now. However, gone are the days when you had to send money to someone in another city and country and had to wait days for the funds to be delivered. With a modern money transfer service like Azimo, you can send funds via your mobile device. The recipient can receive the money via cash pickup or delivery. 

You can use the AskWallet service to compare and find the best money transfer service for your needs.


Using a Mobile Wallet 

An e-wallet is a quick and safe way to send money in 2022. With loads of mobile wallets springing up every year. There is no lack of options when it comes to e-wallets. They let you send money to anyone who also has the same mobile wallet platform and the transaction is free. Services such as Paypal or CashApp allow you to send money and add friends for quick money transfers.


Money Order 

One of the easiest ways to send money without an account is with a money order. Money orders are especially great if you live in an area with few bank branches and you don’t want to pay high fees on wire transfers or automatic debits. You simply write out your desired amount and fill out some basic information, then take it to your local post office and buy one. The recipient can cash it at their own post office or credit union.


Mail the money 

This should perhaps be the last resort if you just can seem to use any of the order methods above. All you have to do is get an envelope, put the cash in there, and mail it like you would a package. Make sure you pay for tracking so you can monitor the parcel as it is getting delivered. 

Tips for sending money


Be Cautious About Becoming Overdrawn

Unless you choose a future payment date, the funds will be withdrawn from your account immediately. So make sure you have enough to avoid paying exorbitant fees.


Makes Sure All The Details Are Correct 

When sending money especially to an e-wallet or money transfer system there are a lot of different figures involved. Making sure that all of the numbers are correct and double-checking will let you avoid a common mistake. If you enter a wrong number and end up sending money to a stranger's bank account. There is little to nothing the bank can do about returning your funds to you. 


To Avoid Mistakes Have The Recipient On The Phone 

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Having the recipient on the phone when transferring funds will allow you to focus on the number. Both parties can cross-check and make sure they have the right details. 


Use Test Payments

Test payments are used to assure that you have the right account. For example, you want to send $1000 to a friend via their bank account. You can use a test payment of $1 to see if you have the correct details and if they received the money. Once confirmed, you can carry out the rest of the transaction.

What details do you need to transfer money? 

Well, the details you would need to send funds will determine the method you are utilizing. So, let’s take a look at the details you would need to send money using any of the above-mentioned ways: 

Transfer By Money Transfer Services: 

  • Sender full name and country of origin 
  • Recipient’s full name 
  • Recipient’s address 
  • Amount to be sent

In order to receive the funds the recipient must present: 

  • A valid means of identification (Passport, National ID card, or Drivers license)
  • The transaction reference number 
  • Transfer by e-wallets: 
  • Recipients mobile number or e-wallet number 

Transfer by Money Order: 

  • Recipient’s name 
  • Address of the Recipient
  • Amount of payment
  • Sender’s name and mailing address
  • The purpose of the payment

How long does it take for the money to be transferred? 

When using a money transfer service or mobile wallet the money will be transferred almost immediately. The recipient can receive their funds as soon as it is sent. However, in some cases with delivery via money transfer services, it might take 24-48 hours before the funds are released to the recipient. 

The same cannot be said for money orders which could take anywhere from 3-5 business days to get delivered. 

How to choose the best transfer method?

There are three things to keep in mind when deciding on the best method to send money. Here is our list: 

Delivery time

In any situation, the speed of delivery should be the first thing you check when choosing a money transfer method. In this case, money transfer services and mobile wallets are your best bets as they deliver instantly.



Fees can easily eat into the amount of money you plan on sending. So, keeping an eye out for the fees you need to pay when sending money is of utmost importance. Obviously, the best way to avoid fees is by using e-wallets. Nevertheless, some money transfer services charge fees as low as 2% on money transfers.


Secure Transactions

You should always keep this in mind when transferring money, especially online. You have to make sure that the money transfer service is secure. You can do this by using our service where we list only safe and trusted EMIs.


There are so many people in our society who do not have bank accounts, or who might want to use services such as PayPal. Luckily, technology has advanced far enough that we can now transfer money electronically without using banks. Even better, there are plenty of ways you can send money without having to depend on another person or company to act as an intermediary between yourself and your recipient. We hope you found today’s post useful!