Should You Have Multiple Credit Cards?
Should You Have Multiple Credit Cards?

Should You Have Multiple Credit Cards?

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In our article on the easiest credit cards to get, we defined a credit card and showed the various types you can apply for with minimal requirements. But is the fact that you can obtain these credit cards without stress a good enough reason to have as many of them as you like?

Meanwhile, several credit cards provided by traditional banks, neobanks, credit unions, fintech companies, other financial institutions, and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) come with some incentives to encourage consumers to sign up for them. By offering perks such as 0% interest rates, cashback, travel miles, and various airline rewards, credit card providers attract new customers and make existing ones continue to patronise them. Still, is it wise to use multiple credit cards because of these benefits?

This article discusses whether you should have many credit cards. It answers the most relevant frequently asked questions on this topic and provides expert tips for managing more than one credit card.

Ibrahim Busari
Ibrahim Busari
Ibrahim Busari