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QIWI Wallet Europe Ltd is a payment service focused on e-wallet and e-payment solutions which enables users to make payments to individuals, the internet, and mobile communication channels. The company offers two products: QIWI Kiosks and QIWI Wallet. QIWI Wallet offers prepaid accounts, physical prepaid cards, virtual prepaid cards.



  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto


Founded: 2007
Has mobile app: Yes
Has web version: Yes
Has apple pay: Yes
Has google pay: No
Contacts: bankinfo@qiwi.ru
Languages: Русский
Reference number: 1027739328440
Available in these countries: KAZ, BLR, BRA, JOR, MDA, ROU, RUS, LAT
Jurisdiction: RUS
Licenses: Central Bank RF

Main info

Has insurance: No
Has trading: No
Has budget planner: No
Has bill split: No
Has iban: No
Has sepa: No
Has swift: No
Virtual card service fee: 0 EUR/year
Service fee: 0 RUB/month
Main service fee text: 0 EUR/month
Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Withdrawal fee: 1) Bank Cards = 1,5-2%+20...40 RUB (min 100 RUB)
2) Bank Transfer = n/a
3) Other methods = 3%
P2P fee: 0%
Main currency: EUR, KZT, RUB, USD
Number of currencies: 4
Conversion fee: 0%
Other currencies: EUR, USD, RUB, KZT
Business account


Has virtual card Yes
Has card Yes
Has multicurrency card No
Virtual card service fee 0 EUR/year
Card provider VISA
ATM withdrawal fee 2% + 50 RUB
Card limits Light verification:
ATM/24h = 5 000 RUB
ATM/30d = 40 000 RUB

Full verification:
ATM/24h = 100 000 RUB
ATM/30d = 200 000 RUB
Card pricing in eur 3.3 EUR

Business account

Business account has IBAN No
Business account has SEPA No
Business account has SWIFT No
Business account has business card No
Business p2p fee has conversion No
Business account deposit methods and fees has conversion No
Business account withdrawal methods and fees has conversion No
Business account affiliate program https://b2b.qiwi.com/partners/

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social-icon KA T

use it only if you have no other option.

The support sucks, never responses and never solve issues.

social-icon Лиза Ланглиб

Использую qiwi для оплаты счетов. Никогда проблем не возникало, все быстро и удобно.

social-icon Vincents Andersons
social-icon Žydrius Kateiva

Simple process with good office support guidance when required. The online forms were very easy to navigate. I'll certainly use again!

social-icon Reinhards Mucins
social-icon Laimis Kavaliauskas

Very prompt and personal service Extremely impressed