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Bilderlings Pay Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on banking services for individuals and businesses. The company offers current accounts, international transfers, cryptocurrency payment processing, payment cards to natural persons, legal entities (international and EU). International transfers are processed in 19 currencies.

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  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • Crypto

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card


Name: Bilderlings
Languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Русский
Web version: Yes
Mobile apps: Yes
Available in this countries: AFG, Aland Islands, ANG, Anguilla, Antarctica, BAR, BDI, BEN, BHU, BUR, COK, COM...
License: AEMI
License №: 900637
Jurisdiction: GBR
Founded: 2015

Main info

Account opening fee: 75 EUR
Service fee: 1) EEA = 0 EUR/month
2) non-EEA = 30 EUR/month
Deposit methods: 0%
Withdrawal methods: 1) Card PS (ATM) = 2% (min 2,5 EUR)
2) Bank Transfer = n/a
P2P fee: 0%
Personal IBAN: Yes
Main currency: EUR, GBP, USD
Number of currencies: 19
Other currencies: EUR, GBP, USD
Conversion fee: 0,5%
Trading: No
Budget planner: No
Bill split: No
Insurance: No
Business account


Card provider: MasterCard (Debit)
Issuing fee: 25 EUR
Service fee: 2 EUR/month
Multicurrency: Yes
NFC: Yes
Virtual card: No
ATM withdrawal fee: 2% (min 2,5 EUR)

Business account

Account opening fee: Usual = 150 EUR
Urgent = 500 EUR
Service fee: 20 EUR/month
Deposit methods & fees: 0%
P2P fee: 0%
Corporate card: Yes
Affiliate program:

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Bilderlings reviews by users

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Tommy Angelo

They lied to get money for account opening

Before opening a business account at Bilderlings I asked them if they worked with payment systems that I needed. The answer was positive, but after undergoing a very long compliance procedure and spending around 1000 eur for account opening I found out that there was no promised functionality in the account dashboard. My "personal manager" responds approximately once a week, so it's been weeks since I've opened the account, but I still can't figure out how to use the system. They only have the default bank transfers available and no sign of payment systems I was promised. They also charge 100eur per month as activity fee, as well as 100eur per month for INactivity fee. Basically, whatever you do or even if you don't do anything with the account, you pay 100eur. And that's apart from the 1000eur to open the account. A complete disappointment so far. Use Bilderlings at your own risk.

Craig Harris

Stopped responding to me in after the account opening process, once I realized it has a 200 EU monthly fee.

Cal Legrand

Family day Bilderlings, I'm frightfully sorry, but you got really f@cked up there! Not only do I pay you money and sit for a month waiting for you to review the application, but then you send me a letter of refusal without indicating a reason.

William Phillips
Cordula Rickert
Mala Herve

This is a scam company. They pose as a bank in the UK in order to get potential customers to submit ID verifications and steal identities of people that sign up. They are not a legitimate bank or money transfer service. Avoid this place - they will steal your identity.

Gintars Rozentals

I recoment this for all people has a business

Sigi Kleiber

Business Light Group They are right when they say: the one fooled once will be fooled twice. But after the first time we didn't think about it. Long story short, we filed two applications for account opening and paid 800 euros for each of them. As a result, the accounts weren't opened, the money wasn't returned, the letters weren't answered. And it's quite unclear what to do.