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Stripe is a fintech company that builds financial infrastructures on the internet. Businesses of all sizes can use Stripe to accept payment and manage their companies online. Stripe makes collecting credit cards online immediately easy for your business. No merchant account or payment gateway required.



  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto


Has mobile app: Yes
Has web version: Yes
Languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, 日本語 ,Nederlands, Português, ไทย 简体中文
Reference number: 08480771
Founded: 2,013
Available in these countries: GBR, USA, AUS, BEL, BRA, BUL, CAN, CYP, CZE, DEN, ESP, EST, FIN, FRA, GER, GRE, HON, HUN, IND, ITA, LUX, MEX, Netherlands Antilles, NOR, POL, POR, SLO, SWE, UAE, LAT, JAP, ROM, IRE, SPA
Jurisdiction: USA
Licenses: EMD Agent

Main info

Has trading: No
Has budget planner: No
Has bill split: No
Has iban: No
Has sepa: No
Has swift: No
Merchant service fee: Standard = 0 USD
Express/Custom= 2 USD/ month
Electronic payment methods and fees: Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Click to Pay, WeChat Pay = 2.9% + 0,30 USD
Main currency: USD
Number of currencies: 135+
Conversion fee: 1% US accounts
2% non-US accounts
Business account service fee: Standard = 0 USD/month
Express/Custom= 2 USD/month
Other currencies: GBP, EUR
Business account


Has virtual card Yes
Payment card type Credit

Business account

Business account has IBAN Yes
Business account has SEPA Yes
Business account has business card Yes
Business account deposit methods and fees has conversion Yes
Business account service fee Standard = 0 USD/month
Express/Custom= 2 USD/month
Business account affiliate program
Business account opening fee 0 EUR
Business account deposit methods & fees ACH Credit = 1 USD
ACH Direct Debit = 0,8%
Wire=8 USD
Checks= 5 USD
Business p2p fee percent: 2.9%
Business account deposit methods and fees percent: 0.09 - 0.7%


Merchant service fee Standard = 0 USD
Express/Custom= 2 USD/ month

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