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UAB Pervesk is an electronic money institution focused on providing payment solutions. The company offers payment accounts, e-wallets, SEPA payments, currency exchange, card payment processing to individuals, businesses. Pervesk online payment solutions enable you to access your funds 24/7 globally and manage incoming and outgoing SEPA payments in a secure way.



  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto


Has mobile app: No
Has web version: Yes
Languages: English, Lietuvių
Reference number: 304186270
Founded: 2018
Available in this countries: EEA.
Jurisdiction: LTU.
Licenses: EMI.

Main info

Has insurance: No
Has trading: No
Has budget planner: No
Has bill split: No
Has iban: Yes
Has sepa: Yes
Has swift: Yes
Main service fee text: From 5 to 1000 EUR
Account opening fee: From 0 to 450 EUR
Withdrawal fee: 1) EEA:
Bank Transfer (SEPA) = 0 EUR
ATM withdrawal = 1%

2) non-EEA:
Bank Transfer (SEPA) = 1 EUR
ATM withdrawal = 2%
Main currency: EUR
Conversion fee: 1) EEA = 0,5%
2) non-EEA = 0,65%
Business account


Has virtual card Yes
Has multicurrency card No
Virtual card service fee 0 EUR/year
Atm withdrawal fee percent: 0.1 - 0.2%

Business account

Business account has IBAN Yes
Business account has SEPA Yes
Business account has SWIFT Yes
Business account has business card Yes
Business p2p fee has conversion No
Business account deposit methods and fees has conversion Yes
Business account withdrawal methods and fees has conversion Yes
Business account service fee 1) Business = 5 EUR/month
2) Business+ = 50 EUR/month
Business account P2P fee 0%
Business account opening fee 1) Business = 0 EUR
2) Business+ = 450 EUR
Business account deposit methods & fees Bank Transfer:

1) Business:
- SEPA = 0 EUR
- SWIFT = 18 EUR

2) Business+:
- SEPA = 0 EUR
- SWIFT = 18 EUR
Business account withdrawal methods & fees Bank Transfer:

1) Business:
- SEPA = 0,10 EUR
- SWIFT = 7 EUR + 0,2%

2) Business+:
- SEPA = 0,04% (min 2 EUR, max 200 EUR)
- SWIFT = 7 EUR + 0,2%
Business account deposit methods and fees percent: 0 - 18%
Business account withdrawal methods and fees percent: 0.1 - 7.2%

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social-icon Hamster777

If there was an opportunity to put 0

If there was an opportunity to put 0, I would put it. I fulfilled all the conditions for a full account verification, required various documents, I provided everything. This whole story lasted 2 MONTHS !!!!, after 2 months they wrote that excuse us you are not suitable for us ... And this is all for the sake of keeping personal savings in euros in their system (amounts of 50-100 euros per month), I am an ordinary employee health care. At the same time, I read it on various forums, as it turned out, they approve accounts for various gambling fraudsters. If you don’t want to hear the phrase “you don’t suit us” in 2 months of waiting for verification, then in no case contact this “company”. What are you for? I was so offended and sorry for the time and money spent on translating documents that I will leave and will leave negative reviews wherever I can.

social-icon Deins Gailītis

Professional business partner and excellent customer service! Strongly recommend!