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Epayments Systems Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on online payments for affiliate marketing industry. Epayments Systems Ltd offers virtual accounts with IBAN, prepaid cards to natural persons, businesses, online merchants.

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  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card


Name: ePayments
URL: https://www.epayments.com/
Сontacts: info@epayments.com
Languages: English, Español, Português, Русский, 中文
Web version: Yes
Mobile apps: Yes
Available in this countries: AFG, Aland Islands, ANG, Anguilla, Antarctica, BAR, BDI, BEN, BHU, BUR, COK, COM...
License: AEMI
License №: 900172
Jurisdiction: GBR
Founded: 2011

Main info

Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Service fee: 0 EUR/month
Deposit methods: 1) Bank Card = 2,6%
2) Bank Transfer = 0-1%
3) Other Methods = 1-2%
Withdrawal methods: 1) Bank Card = 2-2,9% (min 3,5$)
2) Bank Transfer:
- Local = 3$
- SEPA = 0,6$
- WW (EUR, GBP, RUB, USD) = 0,5% (min 15$)
3) Other Methods = 2%
P2P fee: 0%
Personal IBAN: Yes
Main currency: USD, EUR
Number of currencies: 15
Other currencies: BDT, BRL, CAD, GBP, HKD, IDR, INR, JPY, PHP, RUB, SEK, THB, VND
Trading: No
Budget planner: No
Bill split: No
Insurance: No
Business account


Card provider: MasterCard
Issuing fee: 5,95 USD
Service fee: 0 USD/month
Multicurrency: No
NFC: Yes
Virtual card: No
ATM withdrawal fee: 2,6%
Card limits: ATM (24h/100trns) = 5 000 USD
POS/24h = 20 000 USD

Business account

P2P fee: 0%
Corporate card: Yes


Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Service fee 0 EUR
Recurring payments No
Cards acquiring services Yes
Fee for receiving payments Bank account = 0 EUR
Bank cards = 1,3- 2,9%
Other methods= 0,9- 3,2%

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ePayments reviews by users

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Dave Saunders

Great experience working with ePayments! Support Team is very attentive.

Tekla Kalniņi
Patrick Johnson

ePayments is constantly pressured by their "Regulator" which leads to ridiculous restrictions imposed on users every single time. If you read real reviews by users you will find out that most have their money frozen. One time I had like 250 euro sent to me and I was immediately questioned about it - why did I have it sent to me, what do I plan to do with it. It's 250 euro... am I a money launderer now or what? Also they have no chargeback protection even if you paid for a service that wasn't delivered up to standards - if you sent some money to someone, you can forget about getting it back, their support is useless. It's fair to say that It's a pretty awful service, similar to Paypal, can't even tell who's worse. With Paypal you can at least chargeback and get your money back. Not with ePayments.

Ilsa Zeiger

You are some scammers who steal identity documents and you know it very well, I don't understand how your site is online! I already make it a complaint against you When you will be on jail nobody will be there to help you to delete negative posts like you do now, so play at another table with your lies Scammers, all review are paid, take care!!!

Марат Низамутдинов


Cäcilia Rosenkranz

"I used this site for pulling money out of specific sites i use which was a useful payout method. As the us cheques i had trouble cashing in the aus banks. This site i have problems with, they will block you straight away with there control, they don't need a valid reason. They point to terms and conditions 12.1 which is vague, a reason to believe isn't a truth. Im in the middle of trying to make a new account, hopefully all goes well. Might as well have lied about my account because they didn't like the business i doing, web/vlog stuff. Customer support was horrible, gave no valid reason and said that'd block my next account just because they didn't approve of my last. If someone makes an account that is giving you guys money, why delete the, very dumb, and the customer support were rude and very robotic, not one inch of human, the co worker screwed up and deleted my account. and they all believed him and backed him up, very annoying. If using this site expect to reupload verification stuff every few months (no other sites do this) and annoying questions which will indeed most likely terminate your ability to withdraw money. Epayments if your reading this, please change your way of doing things, we the customers don't like getting blocked for no valid reason. (reason to believe isnt a truth or a fact)."