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MisterTango UAB is an electronic money institution focused on offering dedicated IBAN accounts to individuals and businesses.


  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


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Main info

Main info
Has insurance:


Has trading:


Has budget planner:


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Main service fee text:

0 EUR/month

Account opening fee:


Deposit fee:

Bank Transfer (SEPA):
Light = 0%
Standard = 10 EUR+ 0.05%

Withdrawal fee:

Bank Transfer (SEPA):
Light = 0%
Standard = 10 EUR+ 0.05%

P2P fee:


Main currency:


Number of currencies:


Referral program:

Get 5€ from every friend who joins Mistertango with your unique referral link


Business account

Has card:


Has virtual card:


Has multicurrency card:


Business account
Business account has IBAN:


Business account has SEPA:


Business account has business card:


Business p2p fee has conversion:


Business account deposit methods and fees has conversion:


Business account withdrawal methods and fees has conversion:


Business account service fee:

Light = 0 EUR/month
Standard= 0 EUR/month
Financial institutions/Exchanges=500 EUR/month

Business account opening fee:


Business account deposit methods & fees:

Bank Transfer (SEPA):
Light = 0%
Standard = 10 EUR+ 0.05%
Financial institutions / Exchanges= 10 EUR+ 0.05%

Business account withdrawal methods & fees:

Bank Transfer (SEPA):
Light = 0%
Standard = 10 EUR+ 0.05%
Financial institutions / Exchanges= 10 EUR+ 0.05%5%

Business account deposit methods and fees percent:


Business account withdrawal methods and fees percent:


User Reviews

Cler Minuli

Great service

Great service, especially for niche business, and the customer here support is exquisite.


I'm a bit surprised with reviews as I saw them only after opening an account.But first contact with sale team was good with fast replies.Maybe a little bit slower with all documents verifications but everyone was super polite and so far transactions goes smoothly.


Hello,Mistertango seemed to be a great experience, but some time ago, they decided to close our company's account and asked for a bank address to which they can send the rest of funds. I have given the bank details. Mistertango account got closed, I have never received a SWIFT confirming the money transfer and have never received the money. Seems that Mistertango has just stolen 60 000 euros. We are a serious Monaco based company hoping to get a response at least here otherwise we will be obliged to start a procedure at the court of justice.


I keep receiving emails asking for fees, I registered to mistertango personal account once and never used it. But now, they're asking I pay for fees. They don't even reply to my emails asking them to close this account I never used in the first place.Edit : Problem solved. So I added 2 stars.Received this email from Mistertango on march 1, 2022 :'You have received a message with category Other:Dear Client,We would like to inform you that we will close your account and you don't need to pay any fees.Sincerely,Jake'


They used to be very good but then they got suspended. It seems that it took them a very long time to get over it. Now it looks like they are getting on the right track again. We'll see. I am giving the four stars out of five as an ecouragement :D


Only a good experience so far. Unlike some other places, the account was opened really fast. Yes, I had to pay for it, but it is normal. Why the company should provide its services for free or very cheap? I think their biggest advantage is that they accept riskier clients and that's why they are more expensive than some other similar payment institutions on the market. But again, I think that's normal and that's why some of the comments bellow about the pricing don't make any sense. Anyway, I like their system, everything seems to be very accurate and clear. Have not encountered any problems yet and plan to continue using it for now.


This bask was a really, really bad experience.They had their license suspended for years, they promise you something and they will change the conditions without any prior notice.My account went from 0 to ten € per month and I can't even terminate the service without paying.Absolutely to avoid.


This company is pure fraud. They put you always in the term, that will always charge you per out and in transaction 10€. We wanted to switch to another term to use it for our DHL contract. They said they cannot do that due to KYC regulations. WHAT ? We send them huge stack of documents for the KYC and they sent us first 'Congrats, you passed our verfication' but now it's not possible, because probably they cannot charge us a very high fee for each transaction ?I cannot recommend this company, stay away to save your funds.

Laurynas Visockis

Smooth services

Have been using Mistertango services for quite some time. No big issues so far, everything is pretty smooth. Just had a minor problems while their payment systems were crashed for 1 hour or so. Would highly recommend to others.


Total joke sent money they received on Thursday, they asked for invoice had to send 3 times and chase them for 3 days until hey said they received it, then the ok the payment and say its in my account and it never showed, this is basically a scam in my book as how in the world there internal protocols must be 0 .I would recommend to no one and Serra only do not use them if you are in any rush of getting paid or looking to pay anyone.


Dont open an account. I have never used the service, now they claim me 60 Euro plus monthly fee until I cleared the claim. Cant even close account before I paid. Typical Balticum scammers.Now ive made a policereport and also to Swedish Konsumentverket (customer agency). Suddenly Mistertango sent an email that they will close down my account and erase all claims. !!??


They randomly email you after 2 years to charge 60 euros from the *monthly account subcription*, that you never knew about and never agreed to. I asked them to close my account but they didn't repond yet. I will contact the EU financial advisors to report this scam. DO NOT USE MISTERTANGO.

Vag Stef

I have never used their services and I got an email today saying I will be charged 5 euro. This email has never came before. I downloaded the app and I was surprised to see that I owe 55 euro! Without any other notice. I didn't even have the app installedI have sent an email to close my account and i'm waiting.Keep away! And don't sign up!!


3rd world country app. When I tried to open an account it send me confirmation PIN and when I use this pin to confirm it shows me : wrong pin. So if your elementary functions already works so terrible then I don’t want see the rest of your company. I would give 0 stars if possible.

Christopher Pierce

I am surprised to read the negative opinions. I opened an account at mistertango. to be honest, the company name seemed a little ""weird"" to me but I have NO REGRETS. opening the account and identifying my ID card was very quick. the customer service always answered my questions quickly and very professionally. Sending and receiving money happens quickly. usually the same day! The android application is clear, easy to use. the mistertango card works perfectly, I've never had a problem. The plus: to be able to manage your account also via their website. As far as I'm concerned, it's tested and approved. I am very happy to have opened a mistertango account

Sigismunds Baldunčiks

They take 5EUR for any deposit. They take 5EUR for any withdraw. They suddenly give any non-EEA client 48h duration telling them they will stop their Mastercard.


I opened an account and I sent my documents (passport, and proof of residence).Then I funded the account with 5100 euro from another account in my name in another bank. Mister tango blocked the payment and asked for tons of documents. I sent them all the documents required and I am still waiting for their reply after 8 days. I asked to send back the payment and they ignored my request too. Don't send your money here.

Anonymous J

NEVER USE THIS SCAM OF A SERVICEI created a business account a year while. Then they blocked withdrawals as they had their own regulatory issues, of course still kept on charging outrageous fees for nothing.Now they threatened me with legal proceedings for debt to be collected from me while I was never able to withdraw the funds originally committed to account.It’s a real pain and at best a joke


The worst 'bank' on heart. I had my business account closed overnight without any explanation. I had few money on that account and I don't know where they have gone... Now they want some money from my Personal account maintenance, which I NEVER USED. they are fuck1ng ridiculous, scam, STAY FAR FAR AWAY from them.


Great service for our personal and business accounts. I have not any complaints, always get and able to send money. Of course they asking about your activity - but I think if you are working legal it's not problem to answer to their questions. I read comments before - I think mostly were closed accounts and I think due to reason of their illegal activity. Mostly I like that they are linked with crypto exchanges. Use several of them. Instant money transfer to exchanges is the best what they have.

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