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Capitalist is an online payments system that has been around for 7 years. This payment ecosystem has several perks, such as a free multicurrency wallet with instant currency conversions, virtual and plastic cards (even Facebook and AdWord batch issuance), tools for loading and withdrawing funds, a marketplace where traffic can be bought without fees & more!

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  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card


Name: Capitalist
Languages: English, Русский
Web version: Yes
Mobile apps: No
Available in this countries: AFG, Aland Islands, ANG, Anguilla, Antarctica, BAR, BDI, BEN, BHU, BUR, COK, COM...
License: EMI
License №: 06504698
Jurisdiction: IVB
Founded: 2014
Apple pay: No
Google pay: No

Main info

Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Service fee: 0 EUR
Deposit methods: 1) Bank Cards = 3,95%
2) Bank Transfer (SEPA/SWIFT) = 0%
Withdrawal methods: 1) Bank Cards = 2,5%
2) Bank Transfer = 2,5%
3) Other Methods = 1,8-2,8%

* Additional fees may be charged for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
P2P fee: 0%
Personal IBAN: No
Main currency: EUR, USD, RUB
Number of currencies: 3
Conversion fee: 2%
Trading: No
Budget planner: No
Bill split: No
Insurance: No
Money transfer
Business account


Card provider: VISA (Debit)
Issuing fee: 7,5 EUR
Service fee: 3 EUR/month
Multicurrency: No
Virtual card: Yes
ATM withdrawal fee: 2% + 2 EUR
Card limits: ATM/24h = 500 EUR
ATM/30d = 2500 EUR

POS/24h = 2500 EUR
POS/30d = 5000 EUR
Virtual card pricing: 3.5 - 6 EUR

Money transfer

Transfer speed (days): 0 - 2
Transfer fee: 1.8 - 3.9%

Business account

Deposit methods & fees: 1) Bank Transfer (EUR/USD) = 0%
2) Other Methods = n/a
Withdrawal methods & fees: 1) Bank Cards = 2,5%
2) Bank Transfer = 2,5%
3) Other Methods = 1,8-2,8%

* Additional fees may be charged for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
Corporate card: No


Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Service fee 0 EUR/month
Recurring payments No
Cards acquiring services No
Fee for receiving payments Capitalist Wallets = 0%
BitCoin = 0%
Accepting crypto payments Yes
m-Pos payment services No
MO/TO services No
SMS billing services No
Ticket selling services No
Email invoicing No

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Capitalist reviews by users

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Ina Lend


Convenient system of non-cash payments, sometimes there are problems with transfers to russian banks. Usually nothing serious, everything is quickly resolved by the company. Transfers arrive quickly, low rates. There are business solutions. I like that the company is stable in the market and does not lease data to the Internet. Like that.

Нелли Муравьёва

Good solution for business

We often cooperate with implementing partners from Russia and Ukraine. Capitalist provides better rates on remittances in comparison with other systems, but has high withdrawal fee. We try to make payments only on Capitalist accounts, however, didn't have problems with QIWI, Webmoney, etc.

Vladimir Miroyar

Convenient solution for business

An interesting business solution if there is no great need for a constant cash withdrawal. This system is more likely for IT sphere, where the share of non-cash transfers is high. Our company saved a lot using this system when we switched to settlements with employees within the system without commission. In general, the tariffs are lower at some points, I especially like the exchange. Received a deal in dollars, translated at the lowest rate in euros.

Monica D. Fitzsimmons

I thought it was a really easy process to set up - uploaded passport photo, it was really quick

Morgan Mahmood

I have never had a single issue with this company, Customer services are great. Would highly recommend.

Finance Department

Flight is normal

One of the best payment systems. We have been cooperating with Capitalist for over a year. We make many settlements with partners around the world. There were no critical problems in the work, and if there were any questions, the manager solved them in a very short time. The support answers questions very quickly. Many partners have opened payment cards for themselves in the Capitalist system, it is very convenient! Continue to develop and reduce commissions :)

masi sai

During the period of using the service, I was repeatedly convinced of the professionalism of the staff, the efficiency and clarity of the support service. Competitive rates and no delays in transactions. Various options for replenishment and transfers currently fully satisfy my requirements for payment systems. There will be more cards and ePayments will no longer be nostalgic.

Rokhay Hamon

Very good using it a year without problem

Sigurts Veinbergs

If you need any help from this company don't get your hopes up. I've been asking now, for several days now, how I can withdraw funds from them. They have been responding to me but the answer has always been the same - and it's effectively ""We don't know, ask your bank"". They have a withdraw function on their site which goes to your credit card (wire transfers are only available to business clients and after submitting my UK registered company details to them they told me that AML rules forbid them from dealing with UK businesses) - What the hell! So when I tried the credit card thing to a global, top 5 bank, the bank refused the incoming payment (3 times) - the bank are obviously useless (because it's a call center) so I've asked for Capitalist to have a look at their client base and see if there's anyone else using the same bank as me - and if so can they advise me what data I need to fill in, in order to get it working.

Dalv Meunier

Great guys! Always help in solving problems. Convenient and intuitive interface. A lot of opportunities to work as an advertiser and webmaster.