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WeinStein is an online bank founded in 2008 that provides its users with a free virtual Card, up to three prepaid Mastercard cards, an IBAN account, a current account, and other services via its mobile app. The FCA has registered and licensed the neobank.



  • Personal IBAN

  • Affiliate program

  • Cashback

  • SEPA

  • Loyalty program

  • Insurance

  • Multicurrency account


  • Card

  • Crypto


Has mobile app: Yes
Has web version: Yes
Contacts: cardservices@weststeincard.com
Languages: English,Russian, Spanish, Deutsch, Polish, Latvian
Reference number: 900036
Founded: 2,008
Jurisdiction: IRL
Licenses: FCA

Main info

Has iban: Yes
Has sepa: Yes
Has swift: Yes
Main service fee text: 2 EUR
Account opening fee: 0 EUR
Main currency: EUR
Number of currencies: 1
Business account service fee: 2 EUR
Business account


Has virtual card Yes
Virtual card pricing 1 EUR
Card provider MasterCard (Prepaid)
Card limits Max. card balance - 35 000 EUR
Max. SEPA incoming payment y - 35 000 EUR/day
Max. SEPA outgoing payment - 20 000 EUR/day
Max. WestStein card to WestStein card payment - 15 000 EUR/day
Total loading amount - 20 000 EUR/day
Domestic and international purchase transactions - 15 000 EUR/day
ATM limits - 1 500 EUR/day
ATM limits per single trasaction - 750 EUR
Total spending amount - 15 000 EUR/day
Atm withdrawal fee percent: 4 - 7%
Virtual card pricing in eur: 1 EUR
Virtual card service fee in eur: 2 EUR
Card pricing in eur 2 EUR

Business account

Business account has IBAN Yes
Business account has SEPA Yes
Business account has SWIFT Yes
Business account has business card Yes
Business account service fee 2 EUR
Business account opening fee Individually*
*To request an individual quote, please contact our Sales department by e-mail: sales@weststeincard.com
Business account deposit methods & fees SEPA Incoming transaction (fees calculated individually)
Business account withdrawal methods & fees 1) Domestic ATM - fee is 2%
2) International ATM, fee - 2.5 EUR + 4.5%

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