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Charlie R. asking:

$27 000 blocked by NETELLER!

I have been using NETELLER for almost 7 years. I have received an email from NETELLER support, that my account with $27 000 has been temporarily closed! I have contacted support, but they request additional information about my last transactions. I have sent some money to my friends, actually. What should I do and how can I get my money back?

Tatiana Gomzicova

Tatiana Gomzicova

Tatiana is CMO and FinTech expert at AskWallet.

Hello, Charlie. Thank you for contacting AskWallet expert team.

If your account is permanently closed, you should first check if your account activities do not violate NETELLER Terms&Policies ( 12. ACCOUNT RESTRICTIONS and 14. PROHIBITED TRANSACTIONS ).

Anyway, you must provide all the information that support team requests, it could be:

- Purpose of using your NETELLER account;
- What is the reason for sending money for those people;
- What relations are between you and recipients, do you know them personally?

If you can provide additional documents (or any other information that could help), proving your statement, please attach high quality scans to the email.

After this step you should wait, usually it takes up to 3-5 business days to revise your case, but sometimes it could be longer. During this period of time your account will remain frozen.

If your account activities do not violate Terms & Conditions, it will be reactivated right after the support team will revise your case.

In case your account transactions violate Terms & Conditions somehow, unfortunately, you will receive email notification that your account can’t be reactivated and it has been closed forever.

What should you do in that case?

If there’s remaining balance on your NETELLER account, please contact NETELLER support, and claim a withdrawal.

1) There is only one way to withdraw your money — bank transfer. Bank account must be on the same name with the one you have registered NETELLER account.

2) Please carefully fill bank information: IBAN, SWIFT code, name and surname.

3) Please provide bank account details in the same currency as your NETELLER account to provide additional currency conversion fee 2.50%

4) NETELLER may charge you USD/EUR 150 from your account balance.

5) You can’t register another NETELLER account with the same personal details, because it's a lifetime ban.

We wish you luck with your issue,

Tatiana Gomzicova,
AskWallet expert team