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Ibrahim Busari
Ibrahim Busari
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The Best Metal Credit Cards Of 2021 At Affordable prices

The Best Metal Credit Cards Of 2021 At Affordable prices

Back in the day, you couldn’t just walk into a bank and demand a metal card. Most banks that offered metal cards did so on invitation only. Only high-spenders at the bank were given the option to upgrade to a metal card. However, this wasn’t only to keep the exclusive of these cards but also because the maintenance and initiation fees on these cards were very high. Some metal cards will run you about $10,000 in all types of fees, just to get the card.

The fintech industry has been breaking traditional banking barriers with low international transfer fees, quick transfers and many more. A lot of fintech companies also provide metal cards to their customers at a fraction of the price that traditional banks offer. 

In this article, we will look at the top 5 metal cards you can apply for today and all the benefits that they have to offer. 

N26 Metal

N26 is one of the biggest names in the fintech industry with several services. However, today we are only focused on its metal credit card offering. N26 has different account plans and one of those plans includes N26 metal. 

N26’s metal credit card is definitely a statement maker with an extensive phone and car insurance and other premium banking features. The metal credit card is powered by MasterCard and is crafted in 18-grams of stainless steel. Customers can choose one of the three available metallic shades: Charcoal Black, Slate Grey, and Quartz Rose. N26 metal credit card is minimalistic and gives off luxurious vibes at a price of just $€16.90 per month. 

Features of N26 Metal

  • Contactless payments 
  • ATM withdrawals are free of charge anywhere in the globe
  • Insurance for mobile phones
  • Up to 10 sub-accounts
  • Travel insurance 
  • Coverage for medical emergencies
  • Insurance for overseas car rentals
  • Priority Customer Support
  • A backup for your Metal card

Without a doubt N26 provides one of the best metal credit cards at a fraction of the price. To get more information on N26, we refer you to our full N26 review. You can get information on how to apply for N26 metal and the many other benefits it offers. 

Monzo Premium 

Monzo is an app-only digital banking service for individuals and businesses. It lets you manage your money, set spending budgets, review account summary and many more! Monzo recently launched its Monzo premium account that features a metal card at a whopping price of £15 per month. 

To stand out amongst competition, Monzo has gone with a sleek white metal card that weighs 3x heavier than its plastic card. Monzo metal credit card is powered by MasterCard so you can be rest assured that your card will be accepted regardless of where you are. 

Features of Monzo Premium

  • Family travel insurance 
  • On up to £2,000 in your account balance, you can earn a Gross (variable) interest of 1.49% 
  • Discounted access to airport lounges
  • Fee-free international withdrawals up to £600
  • Keep track of your credit score
  • A UK current account
  • Exceptional customer service

To get more information on Monzo premium or any other Monzo account. Check out our full Monzo review.

Bunq Metal Card 

Bunq is a Dutch mobile bank that aims to make banking activities simple and accessible to everyone. It removes the many procedures associated with traditional banks, allowing its users to create a bank account fast and worry-free. 

The Dutch mobile bank offers its users a metal credit card when they choose one of two account plans. Customers can get a metal credit card when they sign up for Bunq’s  Easy Money account plan for ‍€8.99 per month or the Easy Green account plan for €17.99 per month. Obviously the benefits differ depending on which account plan you decide to go for.

However, we will focus on the benefits of the Easy Green account plan. Bunq’s metal card is powered by MasterCard and allows you to personalize your metal credit card.

Features of Bunq Easy Green Account

  • Monthly fee of €17.99
  • 4 free ATM withdrawals every month
  • Sub-accounts
  • Purchase security
  • Business accounts for €20.99.
  • Warranty extension
  • Travel assistant
  • Unique IBAN account

For information on Bunq easy green account, we refer you to our in depth Bunq review.

Revolut Metal 

Revolut is a bank that is not affiliated with any of the major financial institutions. All in one app: instant spending notifications, built-in budgeting, and the option to spend and transfer money internationally at the real exchange rate. Revolut offers a free 18g solid reinforced steel metal credit card available to users in over 180 countries. 

The card comes in gold, rose gold, silver and space grey. With loads of benefits that are only available to Revolut Metal subscribers. Revolut Metal will cost you £12.99 per month. 

Features of Revolut Metal 

  • IBAN account in Euros for free
  • A UK account 
  • No fee ATM withdrawals upto £800 per month 
  • Unlimited foreign exchange
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Emergency Medical and Dental Insurance 
  • Purchase protection 
  • Ticket protection
  • Free lounge access with SmartDelay
  • Disposable virtual cards

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable metal credit card with loads of benefits, Revolut might be right for you. Read more in our Revolut review.


The Curve card is a wonderful choice for combining all of your spending/ATM MasterCard and Visa bank cards (debit + credit) and chosen prepaid cards into one and allowing you to manage and access all of them at the same time via the app. Curve offers its customers a metal credit card in a variety of colours: Red, Rose Gold and Blue. In order to get access to the metal credit card you must be a member of the Curve Ultimate account.

Features of Curve Metal Card

  • Fee-free international ATM withdrawals of up to €600 per month
  • Merge all of your cards into one
  • Travel insurance
  • Rental car insurance
  • Foreign currency rates are available at all times.
  • Phone insurance

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for an EMI that is offering a metal credit card, You can go wrong with any of the metal credit card providers we have mentioned above. You can compare the card's benefits and choose the one that best suits you. If you want more information on other types of credit card or just more information on alternative banking options, then AskWallet is the place for you.